4 Easy Steps to Stay Focused

4 Easy Steps to Stay Focused

4 Easy Steps to Stay Focused

Concentrating at times can be difficult for adults and kids.  In a world with so many distractions, we find ourselves distracted when we are trying to focus.  Learning how to focus is simple when you use these 4 easy steps to stay focused.  Let’s take a look at 4 easy steps to stay focused.

Understand the Project

Being distracted or losing focus isn’t because your child is wasting time.  For instance, if an assignment or project doesn’t make sense, they may not be able to concentrate.   Being confused or uncertain about a project can cause distraction.  Having a friend assist with the project can help eliminate confusion or making arrangements with your child’s teacher in the morning, after lunch, or after school to clarify the project.  Understanding the project will help your child stay focused.

Eliminate Noise

During homework time establish a place in your house specifically designed to get homework and projects completed with no distractions.  In a world filled with multi tasking, its easy to feel comfortable with the televisions on, phones nearby, but its distracting and will cause your child to become distracted and to lose focus. Remove all distractions, both electronic and human, to help your child stay focused.

Plan Breaks

Have a sense to how long your child’s project or homework assignment is and plan breaks accordingly.  If your child is sitting too long on a particular project they will become distracted.   For that reason, set an alarm to go off routinely during the homework session or project. If your child is working on an assignment that will take an hour, allow for a scheduled break time.  Use a timer and when the alarm goes off, have your child walk out of the study area, get water or a quick snack, then  return to the study area after a few minutes.

Set a Timer

Although you want your child to do their best work and not rush through their assignment, sometimes urgency helps. For some kids, setting a timer to go off pushes them to focus. This sort of ‘beat the clock’ method of focusing can work very well when a child is aware of  how long they need to study.  Avoiding a distraction may be easier because the attention is on beating the clock.   Remind them of the activities they can do when the timer goes off.

Using these 4 easy steps to stay focused will teach your child that being distracted is wasted time which causes them to spend more time on homework than they plan to spend.  Distracted minds are normal.  However, learning strategies for redirecting distractions is key to success and productivity.

All the Best,

Tania Sims

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