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If you are a parent who desires to enhance your child’s knowledge globally, or a teacher who is eager for your students to learn about other cultures or countries then Little Passports is a great place to start.

Teaching children about cultures all over the world will teach tolerance and appreciation for the differences in people and their customs. With this in mind, its time to go on a adventure around the world! The exciting part is you can actually travel around the world without ever leaving the comforts of home or your classroom. Come aboard on our great adventures with Sam and Sophia!


How does the adventure work, and what is in the World Edition Starter Kit?

First, you sign up with Sam and Sophia on Little Passports. Here you will be introduced to Sam and Sophia. They are imaginary best friends who take journeys to various places around the globe. Each month Sam and Sophia write a letter describing their exciting adventures. Once its official, your adventures begin! Within a few weeks your child will receive their kit with the following items:

• Adorable fun travel suitcase.
• A letter from Sam and Sophia with a formal introduction.
• A huge colorful world wall map. The map is labeled throughly with countries, cities and capitals, which can be easily read and understood. Very kid friendly.
• Traveling Passport that includes a place for identification, questions about other countries, places to mark what they would do when they visit, section for parents to discuss with children the countries they have visited or would like to visit. Section to place a stamp of each country represented.
• Interactive activity sheet to introduce languages from all over the world.
• Teaches children how to use a map to locate country with capitals.
• Boarding Pass with a secret code for access to additional online games and activities.

All of these items are included in with your first month subscription of World Traveler at Little Passports. Every month, your child will continue receiving exciting activities that are specific to a particular country. You can expect the next package to arrive around the 3rd week of every month. In each kit your child can expect the following fun items:

• Letters from Sam and Sophia
• Souvenirs from the country that will be visited that month
• Additional stickers for the suitcase, passport, and map
• Pictures of the countries
• Activity sheets packed with fun learning activities and projects that will engage your child

So as you can see, bringing the world right to your doorstep is simple regardless of where you reside. Your child will light up with much anticipation as they look forward to opening their package each month. With Little Passports every month will be packed with highly interactive global learning activities that are sure to please your most creative minds!

Little Passports

Importance of Global Education

In addition to learning about other cultures, children will also become smarter as a direct result of global knowledge. As children are exposed to new places, languages, and food, it will trigger the brain to adapt to new information. As a result, this will make your child smarter. Learning about other countries will spark your child’s imagination and curiosity. Eventually, you will observe your child asking more, and more questions about the world in which we share. Although this can be cumbersome when you are bombarded with one question after the other, consider it a good thing. It demonstrates your child’s ability to discover and explore the world. So encourage your child to ask questions about other countries. What is the weather like in that country compared to the weather where you currently reside? Is it a rural country or is it urban? What kind of customs are in that country? What are the laws in that country? The list continues. Make it part of your daily routine to ask and answer questions about the world. This will benefit your child as they grow up to become adults. They will be smarter children who will in turn grow up to be smarter adults because they will have the ability to make sense out the their world around them. Teaching children about other parts of the world is a fundamental component in teaching acceptance. When children learn about other cultures it opens up their mind. This is important because when children are limited to only their surroundings, they believe that is the only way people live. By exposing them early to the world, they will quickly realize that there are other ways in which people live and the importance in respecting those cultures.

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Crawl Through Caterpillar Extension is a MUST for Developing Gross Motor Skills!

When you select a toy to develop your child’s gross motor skills, you first need to consider safety. The Crawl Through Caterpillar Extension at a ECMD – Early Childhood Manufacturers’ Direct is safety tested.

According to recent reviewers, this toy is in compliance with lead regulations. It comes in four different colored sections so the set up is simple. The feet stay in place.



How does the Crawl Through Caterpillar Extension Work?
Select a large area for the toy to be. Then assemble all four sections. When it is fully assembled it will be 67in L x 39 1/2in W x 24in H. With adult supervision, children can climb on, in, and around the attractive caterpillar tunnel. Although this is appealing to toddlers and infants, it is designed for children ages 3 years and up. One really big advantage is that this is washable!

Gross Motor Skills and Crawl Through Caterpillar Extension
Children love to be constantly moving! It is recommended that children enjoy one to two hours of Active Play daily. Moving is the most common way they explore their environment and discover the world. Generally, this comes with ease. Starting with crawling, walking, running, and jumping. Gross motor skills involve moving large muscles such as arms, legs, feet, or entire body. Usually these skills develop quickly during childhood. Play is imperative in helping children develop excellent gross motor skills. There are five major components to developing gross motor skills.

1. Balance- A child’s ability to adjust the body accordingly.
2. Body Awareness- Refers to the child being able to improve posture and control.
3. Laterality- The child begins to show awareness of left and right sides of the body.
4. Spatial Orientation- A child shows awareness of how their body is positioned in space and in relation to other objects and people.
5. Co-ordination- Using the major muscle groups. Learning to ride a bike, throwing and kicking balls.

The Crawl Through Caterpillar Extension which can be purchased at ECMD, provides ample opportunities for children to develop all of these skills mentioned. Children learn how to develop these skills best when the activity is fun. With this playful attractive toy, your child will constantly practice through play without realizing they are developing crucial skills. Eventually, you will see notable improvements. If you are looking for a way to develop your child’s gross motor skills you can feel confident in purchasing this colorful toy. Children will enjoy hours of imaginary play while developing their gross motor skills. All of the information presented are strong indicators that the Crawl Through Caterpillar Extension is the best choice for developing gross motor skills.

This is the perfect toy for children ages 3 and up. When you purchase this toy your child will be spending hours at a time playing and developing their skills which is why I have chosen the Crawl Through Caterpillar Extension.

• The toy is extremely attractive, and children will gravitate towards it.
• It has holes on each side that are designed for climbing. This will help them with learning how to position their body for spatial awareness.
• Several opportunities are provided for children to use large muscles like arms, legs and entire body.
• Excellent for establishing balance and coordination.
• Easy to clean.
• Durable and sturdy caterpillar feet are implanted on the floor. Your child can play freely and safely.
• Children will have an opportunity to be creative and learn how to play cooperatively.
• Helps children to recognize the left and right sides of their body.


My First Dino Science Kit

Preschool aged children are constantly looking and exploring. We often wonder how we will teach and help children learn to their full potential. The big question always asked by preschoolers is “Why?” This explains the strong need for science to be a part of a child’s education. Science provides learning activities to help teach children how to investigate and discover the answers they frequently ask. Teaching science to the young child is exciting and loads of fun to preschool children. offers a variety of valuable educational learning activities that allow teaching to be fun while getting smarter. My First Dino Science Kit is one of many science kits offered by EBeanstalk. This kit allows children to create a glow in the dark model or grow and shrink some giant dinosaurs. This wonderful engaging kit is highly interactive and an excellent activity that keeps children eager to learn more. In addition to teaching science, this fabulous learning kit provides opportunities to develop fine motor skills which are applied to everyday tasks. All of these skills are vital to children’s self-esteem. When children have a positive self-image they are more likely to engage in activities to help them grow and become smarter.

My First Dino Kit
 can be purchased at This kit makes learning fun and allows children to explore and discover dinosaurs.


Kids At-Home Starter Chess Kit

If you’re wondering how to go about teaching your child essential learning concepts while staying motivated, you’re not alone. As children grow and theirneeds change, we are faced with keeping them challenged, and focused. What better way to help children learn and develop higher learning skills than through the game of chess.

This Kids At-Home Strategy Starter Chess Kit is an excellent activity to help children get smarter. Playing chess is highly beneficial to learning and getting smarter. Chess develops decision making skills, and they will learn research skills that can be applied to other academic areas in college. Throughout the United States, and other countries where chess is offered, students demonstrate excellence in the ability to recognize complex patterns which assist them in math and science. In addition to the obvious mental benefits to chess, it is a great way for families to spend time with each other. Parents who purchased The Kids At-Home Strategy Starter Chess Kit were amazed to see how children as young as seven were able to grasp the concept.

You can purchase The Kids At-Home Strategy Starter Chess Kit at When you purchase your kit you will receive a free guide with tips, advice, and guidance on choosing and buying the appropriate chess set online.